Preparing your residence for sale


The staging process has three definitive parts, the Consultation, the Preparation, and the Showcasing.

At Real Home Staging we provide all of these services at the following rates:

The Consultation

During the staging consultation our Certified Professional Home Stager will provide you or your client with a detailed step-by-step instruction booklet on improvements and recommendations to maximize the selling potential of the home.

Rates for the consultation begin at $95.00 for homes up to 2000 square feet. Larger homes are charged at 5 cents per square foot beyond 2000 square feet.


The Preparation

After the consultation clients can choose to complete the preparation process themselves or they can hire the assistance of our Certified Staging Professional.

Services provided include packing, cleaning, management of trades (ie. painters, movers, storage facilities)

Rates for services provided during the preparation process vary significantly depending on the services required.


Once the preparation process has been completed, the home is ready for showcasing. Our Certified Staging Professional and assistant(s) will attend at the home to prepare the home for pictures.

This service includes furniture rearrangement to maximize visual space and optimal traffic flow, hanging art, light cleaning if necessary, addition of furniture and accessories to showcase the home in its best possible light.

Rates for showcasing a home are charged at $100.00 per hour for one Certified Staging Professional and one assistant and $25.00 per hour extra for any additional assistants required.

Furniture/Accessory Rental

At Real Home Staging we offer a wide variety of furniture and accessory rentals. At times, homes may require additional pieces to showcase the home. These rentals are available on a monthly basis and vary depending on the pieces required.

On average, the monthly rental cost to fully stage an empty bedroom with furniture and accessories would range between $250.00 and $350.00.

On average, the monthly rental cost to fully stage an empty living room or rec room with furniture and accessories would range between $300.00 and $500.00.